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BREAKING: Here We Go Again, The Ivy League Just Became The First Conference To Completely Cancel Basketball This Season

The fact the Ivy League just cancelled the season isn't shocking. This has been a rumor for a couple weeks now and felt inevitable since they were the first one to push no nonconference games. But now part of me is freaking out. Why? Guess who cancelled their conference tournament first last year? There has been nothing but awful coronavirus news in the college hoops world today. Feels like deja vu although I'm way more confident in a season happening than I felt in March when this domino fell.

Either way this sucks for everyone involved. All these players are losing a year of playing hoops. Who knows what happens since the Ivy League is fucked up and doesn't offer athletic scholarships meaning they only get 4 years of academic years. So a redshirt is irrelevant if you want to stay in an Ivy League program, you have to grad transfer or transfer out somewhere else. I'm not quite sure how that changes this year despite it being year where players aren't losing a year of athletic eligibility. We've seen an exodus of great Ivy League players lately too. Seth Towns, Bryce Aiken and Paul Atkinson (Co-POY) all transferred out. There have been at least 10 Ivy League players to grad transfer since last spring. 

So now here we are. We're down to 31 conferences. Bethune-Cookman and the Ivy League have completely cancelled. The Patriot League isn't playing nonconference games. We're seeing teams have to pause across the country for positive test results and we're 13 days away from the start of the season. Buckle in because shit is going to be all over the place. We're going to see schedules change, games cancelled, but we're going to get hoops. That's all that matters. Keep putting that in the universe. Games will happen. We will argue about actual basketball.