Jack Easterby, the Texans GM Who's Firing Everyone Around Him, Has Put His Career in a Hurt Locker

Yesterday I posted about Jack Easterby, the former Patriots "Character Coach/Team Development" guy, who somehow turned a degree in Theology and a career leading team prayers giving players life advice into a job in the Texans personnel department. Before launching a very un-Christian scorched earth reign of terror. He won a power struggle against the very men who hired him, fired them, and then purged Houston's award-winning PR department. 

All in just over a year in the organization. You have to admit, while that's not very WWJD of him, it's an impressive amount of work in a short period of time. And not at all surprising to the people in Foxboro who know him to be a blindly ambitious, opportunistic, back-stabbing weasel who'd undermine anyone to get ahead and was the unnamed source in countless articles that made his bosses look bad. 

And now, 24 hours later, it would appear this jug-eared, bulb-headed, Bible-toting Machiavelli has stepped in it with all this human sacrifice. And the reason people in the Texans' front office have had to put goat's blood on their doors to keep from meeting the same fate as Amy Palcic has something to do with her not being "a cultural fit," whatever that means.

Apparently Easterby's now unemployed PR director is more respected than he is and NFL people past and present are not afraid to say it publicly. And, unlike him with all those reports about "multiple sources" in Foxboro that magically stopped once he went to Houston, they put their names on their opinions. 

And now, because this isn't the Passion and you can't just crucify anyone you want without them having a right to counsel, Amy Palcic is lawyering up. 

Source - Fired employees usually hire lawyers to evaluate the facts in light of the applicable law in order to identify potential causes of action. A negotiated settlement agreement also is possible, with the threat of litigation providing leverage for it.

Palcic reportedly was told that she’s no longer “cultural fit,” which could be a pretext for one or more motivations protected by state or federal law. She also possibly has a contract that may have been breached, and she may have engaged in protected activity.

What that "protected activity" is ain't exactly clear. But the suggestion all over Twitter is that she supported the Democratic ticket, and the Texans are a Republican family. I'm not sure. We'll see. If that is the case, I seriously doubt you can fire someone for that since this is - until further notice - still America. 

Anyway, like I said yesterday, I respect religious people. And I respect ambitious people. But I distrust religious ambitious people who preach morality while lusting for power just like the rest of us sinners. That's a combination that has worked out badly for somebody every time it's been tried. This Easterby was a snake when he was in New England. Now he's a snake with actual power. He's the High Sparrow in "Game of Thrones." And at the rate he's going, won't last half as long.