I'm Sorry, the Score of This Iowa High School Football Game Is WHAT Now?!

I was more than slightly confused when I saw there was an Iowa high school playoff football game being played in early November on a Thursday afternoon and then even more so when I glanced down at the score bug. Remsen St. Mary's led Montezuma 100-86 when I first saw what was happening, though the final score ended up being 108-94 in favor of Remsen.

It turns out this was an eight-man football game, which would somewhat explain the wonton disregard for defense. I'm not well-versed in the general score range for high school eight-man football, but I'd still imagine the total for this game would have been set somewhere south of 200.

You have to feel for that Montezuma defense. There's no easy way to get on the bus after a playoff game where your offense put 94 points on the board and you still lost by two scores. That's not a recipe for a great ride home. Even crazier, Montezuma was ahead 60-36 at halftime before it allowed 72 points in the second half.

I'm absolutely finding some way to stream Remsen St. Mary's in the state championship game next week. I'm all in. Whoever those guys draw for the title just became must-watch television because they're liable to try for 200 next time out.

It has always been said that you can throw out the record books when you get into the playoffs of Iowa eight-man football and I suppose that was proven correct today.