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Tiger Was An Inch Away From Acing 16 And It Wasn't On TV, As Is Tradition


This is my favorite yearly tradition. They have guys tee off at 7am, and they just don't show it on TV until 1pm. So Tiger is out there nearly acing holes, but he's done for the day before the "official coverage" starts. Call me old fashioned, but I want Tiger on my TV. Crazy right? Look, I get they have apps and they want to push people there. I get it. or what have you. But here's my take- just put him on television, it's not that difficult. Advertise the ever living shit out of your app on TV. Go nuts. But if Tiger is playing the Masters, he should be on the tube. 

So now it's 1pm and the TV coverage is about to start while Tiger is about to go have a smoke and a nap. Drives me bananas. Again, maybe I'm old. Maybe I should figure out Smart TVs and streaming and the like. Or maybe when Tiger is hitting the ol' golf ball, they shouldn't have fucking SportsCenter on talking about James Harden. Just one humble blogger's thoughts. Go Tiger.


EDIT: Apparently he teed off on the back 9, so that's good. Look, I like golf, but I'm a casual watcher. I think there are a TON of people like me. I watch coverage on TV on Saturdays and Sundays, and whenever Tiger is playing. Good to know he will get some TV time though.