Per Glenny Balls, Henrik Lundqvist's New Mask "Is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life"


Wow, what praise from Glenny Balls! He has called Hank's new mask with the Washington Capitals, the new team Henrik Lundqvist now plays for (not the New York Rangers), "the most beautiful thing I've ever seen". And Glenny my boy, I must agree. It's gorgeous. Look at it in all its glory:



Heart eye emojis everywhere. 

That mask is going to pair very nicely with his new pads, like a cab sav with a prime rib.



With the likelihood of more back to back games and a condensed schedule on the horizon, it's wonderful that teams weren't more aggressive in trying to sign Hank. I think he will be a huge benefit to the Caps, not just on the ice but in the locker room as well. He seems very happy to be in DC, will look great in DC, and oh my god it's November and I just want to watch hockey. This is such torture. Make it start already!