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Illinois And Missouri Hoops Are Having A Coin Flip Tonight To Determine Home Court This Year And WE GOT AN A++++ HYPE VIDEO!

I absolutely love this shit. It started last month with Iona and Hofstra when they had their mascots playing rock, paper, scissors to determine home court: 

And now we have Illinois/Missouri, two rivals having a damn coin toss to determine home court since they aren't playing on a neutral court this year with no fans. I love it. More importantly, I love the hype video that Illinois put out. Get a little Game Over playing in the background, throw in some movie clips and we got a goddamn hype video for a coin toss! This is what makes college hoops the best thing in the world. Let's get weird with shit, plus who doesn't love hype videos? 

Personally, I think we should always just go with rock, paper, scissors. Perfect way to settle a debate. There's no controversy, there's no debate, there's a clear winner and a loser. 

By the way, big miss by both schools not using the greatest coin toss flip scene in movie history: 

It also shouldn't matter where this is played, Illinois should win by double digits. I don't care that Missouri has won two in a row. Illinois is the 5th best team the country coming into the season for me. They have a legit star in Ayo, they have the anchor in the post in Kofi Cockburn. They have the roleplayers. More importantly Brad Underwood adjusted his defense and is no longer blitzing and jumping everything, they are actually playing disciplined halfcourt defense.

Also you're insane if you don't call tails. Went 10-for-10 calling tails as a captain in soccer in high school. Won't ever call heads again.