A Public Service Announcement To White Sox Fans

Yesterday I threw out this poll to gauge where Sox fans' heads were at with regards to supporting the club in the 2021 season after the organization has said they will not fire nor discipline Tony La Russa for the DUI he was charged with the day before they hired him:

Now obviously this is far from an exact sentence as I have followers from all sorts of fanbases outside the White Sox. Cubs fans, Red Sox/Yankees/Phillies fans, etc. some of whom may have voted just because. But, for all intents and purposes, let's assume the numbers are fairly accurate and reflect a decent percentage of where the White Sox fanbase's head is at.

78% of fans say they will attend the same amount of games or go to more games, and I am here to say that you all are thinking about this in the correct way. Yes, the TLR hire has turned into a PR nightmare for the organization. Nobody on earth can deny that. 

But what I am saying is this - regardless of the man who made the hire and regardless of the hire itself, let's do whatever we can as Sox fans to remember that we just suffered, literally suffered through a painstaking rebuild process to get to where we are now - a team that can and should win the AL Central and make a run at the World Series for the foreseeable future. We don't have to endorse the head honcho, the man he hired as his manager, or the act that the manager was charged with in any way whatsoever. We can say and think "fuck them" but still support the group of dudes who put us in a great position for 2021 and beyond. 


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and let's not forget the loaded bullpen, Adam Engel who's emerged as a very good player over his last 100 or so games, Dane Dunning, Garret Crochet, Carlos Rodon and then Michael Kopech and Andrew Vaughn who are both on deck. These players have worked their DICKS off to help put the Sox in a position to have perennial success, as has Rick Hahn, Kenny Williams, the scouting department, the analytics department, and the sales team. It's not their fault the owner hand picked the manager of this team and that his manager is probably a massive asshole. Everyone of them still deserve our support completely and totally.

Assuming the pandemic will be under control by spring of next year (a BIG assumption), all of the players on the 26 man roster deserve 40,000 bat shit livid White Sox fans cheering them on so loud that they're putting the fear of god into the opposition. Boo the manager for being an asshole and putting himself in a position to get charged with his second DUI. Boo the name Jerry Reinsdorf any time he's mentioned. Boo them both so loud that you can be heard in Lincoln Park or the west suburbs. Right now, they deserve it. Maybe TLR's cocky Hall of Fame ass needs to hear those boo birds to realize he fucked up royally getting into that car and that he's not invincible like his Hall of Fame resume might lead him to believe. 

But to not spend a dime on merchandise or tickets or food at the stadium isn't hurting anyone of relevance. I'm sorry, it's just not. The White Sox employees that are hearing your frustrations via emails and phone calls are mostly just a bunch of 25 year old kids working their first job out of college anyways. They have nothing to do with the owner or his hire and are just trying to make a buck slinging tickets. If boycotting the team because of Reinsdorf and La Russa is hurting anyone, it's hurting the people that actually need our support in buying tickets and other shit. 

At the end of the day, Jerry Reinsdorf will still be a billionaire and Tony La Russa will still be his manager. There is nothing any of us can do to change those two things, so we should direct all of our emotions to the good in the organization, because the good still outweighs the bad by a LOT. 

The chemistry in that clubhouse is too good for one dude to fuck up. The personalities are too strong and too convicted in how they approach being professionals. They will win in spite of this PR mess JR and TLR has put them in. When the 2021 White Sox are running through opponents like shit through a goose, make sure you're there as often as you can be to support the awesome baseball club the organization has assembled. Don't let 2 people ruin what will be a long term stretch of winning for you. 

That's my advice. Take it or leave it. I'm getting a 40 game plan tomorrow because I can't wait to see Eloy drop 40 bombs, Abreu win his 2nd consecutive MVP and Giolito to win his 1st Cy Young in 2020. That's how I'm approaching everything moving forward. Let's rally for the good instead of rallying for the bad. 


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