RIP To Kentucky Football Coach John Schlarman, The Toughest Guy In College Football

Absolutely heartbreaking news this morning here. I've blogged about John Schlarman before, but he's legit the toughest guy in college football. He spent the last couple years battling stage 4 cholangiocarcinoma, an uncommon and hard-to-treat cancer that forms in the bile ducts that carry digestive fluids and connect the liver to the gallbladder and small intestine. There were tumors, too many to count, in his liver, lungs and the lining of his stomach.

What did he do? He showed up for work every day. He would throw up on the sidelines during practice and get right back to coaching his guys. He helped turn Kentucky's offensive line into one of the best in the country. All while battling this fucked up disease that no one deserves. 

He missed the Kentucky's game against Georgia and Drake Jackson, the starting center, wore his number 65 in honor of him: 

I hope this continues. Let each of the offensive linemen who John coached wear his number. He absolutely is a legend at Kentucky and should be remembered as such across the country. Rest easy, John Schlarman and as always fuck cancer.