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Wake Up With Jayson Werth Hitting A Moonshot In A Mens League Game

Imagine getting off work, picking up your baseball bag, heading to your field. Get some warmups, some stretches in. And you realize you're playing an adult wood bat league game against Jayson Fucking Werth. This was after Werth retired, but it looks like he couldn't stay away from the game, why not take some hacks at the local field. Props to the pitcher for actually attempting to get out a former MLB slugger but let me tell you that Werth was not going to miss that pitch. Clobbered. Not gonna lie this is what I would do if I was a retired athlete who still wanted to try and stay in shape. In fact, open invite to play on the Tater Town softball team next season in Maryland. I'll even let you play some outfield. As long as you promise to hit a towering shot like the one in the video. How about the guy ending the video before we got to see where that thing lands, come on man let us see how far that thing goes.