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Trevor Bauer Tweeted In 2015 That He'd Buy A McLaren If He Ever Won The Cy Young....Congrats To Trevor Bauer On His New McLaren

Awards season for baseball also means digging up old tweets season, this one may work out for National League Cy Young Award Winner, Trevor Bauer though. Bauer tweeted out a pic of a decent looking McLaren MP4 back in 2015, just a guy being a guy and admiring a nice piece of machine. A twitter user chimed in and asked if they could see Bauer coming into Progressive Field with that car. He explained that he would indeed buy the car for himself if he ever wins a Cy Young.... Fast forward 5 years and congrats to Trever Bauer on his 2020 National League Cy Young Award and his new McLaren. 

I mean I'm not a lawyer but I think this is a legally binding contract. Those are the rules, Trev. You say you're gonna buy a McLaren if you win the Cy Young, you buy the McLaren when you win the Cy Young. I've found some available online for $230K, that's pocket change for Bauer because he's going to get a niceeeeee sized check this offseason from some team looking to add an ace to their rotation. It's also interesting that the car seems to be a Mets' orange. Hmm. Was he sending a sign back in 2015? Congrats to Trevor on the award and the new whip.