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Trevor Bauer Won The NL Cy Young And Dressed Up As a Bond Villain To Accept The Award

Trevor Bauer is your NL Cy Young winner of 2020. The right hander took home the award fairly easy, grabbing 27 of the 30 1st place votes with the other three going to the runner up Yu Darvish. Jacob deGrom's run at a 3 peat came up short, as he finished in 3rd place. 

In classic Trevor Bauer fashionm he had to stand out somehow while accepting the award. This guy dressed up like he's about to take on Daniel Craig in the next Bond film. All he's missing is an evil cat on his lap and he's has the part. What in the hell is this dude wearing?? I'm willing to bet he despises wearing suits and is doing this to just be weird. 

I mean listen, when you have the year he did, you can wear whatever the fuck you want. 1.73 ERA, 100 strikeouts in 73 IP, and an ERA+ of 276. It all came together in 2020 for Bauer and he's about to cash in. This man is about to get PAID. Dude gambled on himself year after year signing one year deals to get to this point. He basically is the Bryson DeChambeau of baseball. I guess technically DeChambeau is the Trevor Bauer of golf, but you get the point. You will not find a guy in the sport more invested in analytics than Bauer. It's become his entire life and now you're seeing everyone follow his lead. As for where he ends up, my bet is still on San Diego, but who knows what Stevie Cohen has up his sleeve in Queens. Wouldn't be the worst idea in the world to pair deGrom and Bauer as your 1-2 atop the rotation. 

Along with Bauer, Cleveland's Shane Bieber took home the AL hardware in unanimous fashion. The Starting 9 boys are down in Arizona with him so be on the look out for some exclusive content on that end. 

The first unanimous winner since Kershaw in 2014 and it's well deserved. I don't think there's a soul on Earth who would have picked anyone else. Dude had the lowest ERA by a qualified AL starter since MLB lowered the mound in 1969

The two winners actually talked about going 2 for 2 with the Cy Young before the season got going. Not too bad. 

We're going to look back one day at the Indians 2018 rotation of vintage Corey Kluber, Shane Bieber, Trevor Bauer, Carlos Carrasco, and Mike Clevinger and wonder how in the world did anyone beat those guys? I truly have no idea. Baseball makes no sense sometimes.