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Barstool Chicago Small Business Feature - J.P. Graziano With Eddie, Carl, And Dante

With Covid restrictions and the shutdowns going back into effect in Chicago, small businesses are on the ropes. Restaurants and bars especially. 

We've lost a lot of special small businesses already, and if we don't want to lose more it's important that we support them with our wallets, word of mouth, and social media. 

A few weeks ago Carl, Eddie and I went to visit our great friend Jim Graziano at J.P. Graziano on the corner of Randolph and Peoria here in Chicago's West Loop neighborhood. 

The intention was to show what Jim and his family had done to pivot their business model to deal with the new restrictions - as you'll see that turned into a full-blown family and business history, the best Barstool advertising testimonial you'll ever hear straight from the horse's mouth (12:00 mark), and Ed, Carl, and I even slingin' some cold cuts and provolone. 

Disclaimer - the video runs more than a half an hour. Sorry I'm not sorry.

1- we almost lost Eddie right off the bat. Would not have been good for business. Luckily for us all he was arite.

2- I absolutely love Jim's business mantra of "Always say yes, and then figure out how to get it done."

3- Props to Carl who had already had two subs from J.P.’s earlier that day at the office and still managed to house a 3rd while on location. Very impressive stuff.

Hopefully you enjoy this as much as we enjoyed making it. If so we'll have a few others rolling out in the next couple weeks. If you have any ideas for other small businesses we could cover please shoot them over -

And be sure to checkout J.P. Graziano located at 901 W Randolph in Chicago, or order online to be shipped to you anywhere at - (my go-to is a Mr. G with hot capicola, tomato, and hot muffuletta added)