Joe Burrow Admitting He's Too Scared To Watch 'Harry Potter', 'Lord Of The Rings' And 'House' Makes Him 1000x Cooler

Finally! I feel like Tobias in Arrested Development right now

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Like Joe Burrow, I hate scary things. Now I don't watch Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter because I can't get into sci-fi stuff. House? Didn't know that was scary, but I appreciate Burrow admitting it's too scary for him. Scary movies? Fuck outta here. Haunted houses? No thank you. Kate jumping out of the coat rack? I'll scream. 

But now you have a guy who is an awesome QB, a Heisman Trophy winner, national champ and put together arguably the best single season ever by a college QB admitting shit is scary. That's a guy I'd buy a bucket of beer for at MLT's whenever we're allowed back. I was thinking about Burrow listening to this week's Dogwalk draft

He legit has a case for 1st overall pick for sweetest quarterbacks. This just adds to it. If you can admit scary shit freaks you out and still be this good while getting drilled behind the Bengals offensive line, you become 100x sweeter. I still stand by this. He's too cool for the Bengals. Yeah, they have awesome colors, but the jerseys suck. The franchise is a disaster. I don't even care that he's from Ohio or I hate every team in the AFC North, he deserves better than the Bengals. 

Still just an iconic picture and image: