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Travel Blog: Tulum Would Be A Great Place To Visit This Winter


You guys now I love travel blogs. I love writing about travel, scoping out new spots, reading about the history and culture of the new locations. I love it all. I've longggg blogged about how I dream to travel, yet am mostly confined to my apartment. Gotta work to travel but can't travel because of work, amiright? That actually reminds me, I've been meaning to do a follow up to my blog about Daylight Saving's Time called "We Don't Have To Do This Every Single Year. We Can Just Decide Not To. We Have That Power.". I want to do a similar blog about how stupid we are that we do 5 day work weeks when we could all, the working class, decide not to. We could collectively, as a nation, as a majority, decide "fuck that" and make life better for ourselves. I fully, 100% believe it's possible. There's no real reason out of a 7 day week, we do the rat race for 5 of them. That 71.4% of days spent working. You're born, you poop and throw up a bunch, then you spend all day in school for your whole childhood, and then you go to work from ages 21-65. That's life, and it should not be that way. It's sort of bizarre to me we accept it as the norm, especially when every study shows the long work days 5 days a week simply are not optimal for the best results and productivity at work. It's fascinating we do this to ourselves and then one day we die. I suppose I just did that blog right here (but maybe I'll do a longer one at some point, probably).

Anyway, Tulum. It's the new hot spot for IG models to travel to. It used to be Thailand, I think Croatia had a few weeks in the spotlight, and Mykonos was HEAVY in the streets a couple summers ago. But now it's Tulum's time to shine. I think a lot has to do with COVID and Tulum is letting anyone with a pulse in, but hey, capitalism baby. And Tulum looks great. White sandy beaches, crystal clear water, fresh seafood, cabanas, infinity pools, boats, it has it all. And I would assume it's pretty cheap, and not a 25 hour flight like Bora Bora or the Maldives. It's a 4 hour, $250 flight from NYC. Pretty funny to think about, that's the amount of time I will spend watching Netflix on a Friday night or the amount I'd spend at a bar on a weekend...when I could be in Tulum instead. Will I do it? Probably not, but it's pretty nuts to think about.

Anyway, this was a good therapy session. Enjoy Tulum. (Note: these are not all in Tulum but I am for sure not going to check which ones are or are not):