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Next Time Your Chick Makes You Stop To Pee Every 4 Minutes, Make Her Buy a Lottery Ticket

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Fox 40 - A Modesto woman won $5 million after she stopped into a CVS to use the restroom. Jennifer Daniel says she just couldn’t wait until she got to the office. “I walked into the CVS, used the restroom and on my way out I saw the Lottery machine,” Daniel said, in a release published by the California Lottery. Daniel says she put $20 into the machine, scanned her ticket and saw what she won. “I was very calm,” she said. “I was just smiling, no screaming or anything like that.” She told Cal Lotto she will pay off her parents’ house and car so her mother can retire, pay off her own house and set some aside for her son’s education. “I’m not going to have to work six days a week and be on the overtime list at work,” Daniel said. “I can just work eight hours a day and enjoy my days and spend time with my son.”

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Well there’s your compromise. When you’re just trying to get from point A to point B and your chick needs to pee every 4 minutes, you make her buy a lottery ticket every time you stop with the agreement she splits the winnings with you. Otherwise, no point of stopping anymore after that broad won 5 mil cause she couldn’t hold her bladder from the time she left home and got to the office. That is the most mind blowing part of the story. She does this drive seemingly every day, but couldn’t even wait til she got to the office before she had to pull over and take care of business. And of course she got rewarded for having a tiny little girl bladder. So annoying. 5 million dollar reward for being weak-willed. And the other annoying part is obviously she is bitching about working 6 days a week and being on the “overtime list” but yet she’s throwing 20 dollar bills into lottery machines all willy nilly.

PS: Cool hat. Nice week. Nice life. Hope you blow it all on drugs.