Is Kirk Cousins a Better Quarterback or Showtunes Singer?

I will never be able to watch Kirk Cousins play football again without my mind immediately going to him belting Rodgers and Hammerstein. This guy was really going straight from the practice field to the stage to go work on his pipes. What a guy.

I would love to know if his talents in the theatre world were comparable to his career as a professional football player. Were the drama teachers sitting around like, "Well yeah, he's not perfect, but who are we going to get that's better? We have to give him the lead. He's the best we got."

His singing actually wasn't half bad. It's whatever the hell the dance is in the green and pink outfits that I'd want wiped from the internet if I was him. But on the whole, there are worse things to be known for than an NFL quarterback who can also sing "Oklahoma!" if the need ever arises.

So if this 15-10 TD-INT ratio keeps up for the next year or two, maybe he has a second career to fall back on. But let's never forget the OG of tearing it up as an athlete and thespian.