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'The King of Pakistan' Catcalls Your Girl, What Would You Do?

I know what you're thinking. "Kenjac, there is know way this guy is for real". Well, let me ask you this. If he's not for real, how'd he get the belt? Not idly to the heavyweight championship of Lahore titles fall. This behemoth, Gears of War proportioned man earned that gold and I dare any of you to tell him otherwise. Besides, here is indisputable proof that he is simply just massive. 

What more do you need? Some evidence of skin above the hands? A picture of his chest? Get lost, skeptic. Side note: how great is it that he used the Dark Knight Rises soundtrack for his display of size and dominance? Since he wants to fight so bad, we should get this man in the ring for Rough n Rowdy vs Jeff Nadu. Albania vs All-Bane. Philly vs Peshawar. Nadu vs Urdu. Winner gets the official title of Big Man On Campus.