Can You Believe Miss Universe Australia Was Allegedly Discriminated Against At Work Because She's Too GORGEOUS?

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DM - A model says she is often discriminated against because she's too attractive and claims to be hampered by employers because her make up is perfect. Newly crowned Miss Universe Australia and Melbourne fashion blogger Maria Thattil, 27, has a bachelor degree in psychology and a masters in human resources. She now works as a high-flying talent recruiter for the federal government.  But along the way the beauty queen was told her stunning looks and perfect make-up would set her back.  'I was told even in my internship, very early just starting my career, you need to be extra nice to people because you're pretty, therefore they're going to assume you're stuck up,' she told Coming from a senior female colleague, she said it was especially 'disheartening'.  She recalled how a male superior once commented on her glamorous outfits and the amount of make up she wore.

Damn you, humanity!  Why can't you be fair, one time!  The working world needs ditch diggers beautiful models, too!  So what if Maria has stunning looks and her makeup is perfect!  If she's good at her job, who gives a HOOT?!?!  Be better, employers!!!  Let Maria live!!!  And live a good life she seems to have had!  Good for Maria for locking up the Miss Universe Australia title and continue to fight the good fight, in a global pandemic, no less!  Down with Covid-19!  Up with happiness and good vibes all around! Go Maria go!



Thank you, Maria!  Thank you!