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Some Chick Forced A Plane To Emergency Land Because She Threw Up On Herself, Stripped To Her Underwear And Tried To Fight Multiple People

Let's get ahead of the story quick. Fucking nailed that mugshot: 

That's a drunk ass person if I've ever seen one. I'm actually more upset we didn't get video from the flight. The person did decide to Instagram her after, but how do you not post something as she's trying to fight everyone? Did they not learn anything from Kelly Keegs going viral? People fucking love plane stories. 

I gotta know more about Sierra Nicole here - which let's be honest. That's a STRONG stripper and/or pornstar name. I can see it now. But she was flying from Jacksonville. Is Jacksonville that wild of a place? I just assume it goes off the rails for Florida/Georgia game, is there actually shit to do there? Feel like it's the forgotten Florida city when you start listing Miami, Orlando, Tampa, etc. Oh yeah the Jags! That's what's typically said about Jacksonville (h/t Post). 

A boozed-up woman stripped off her pants on a flight to Texas and took a swing at a flight attendant — forcing the plane to be diverted to Alabama, reports and a witness said.

Sierra Nicole McClinton, 25, was drunk and threw up on herself aboard the Houston-bound CommutAir flight from Jacksonville, Fla., on Thursday — prompting her to take off her pants, according to Fox News and an Instagram posting by a man who said he was aboard the flight.

Feels right it landed in Alabama though. We all know about termies, great time to have a beer. But you have to time it up perfectly. You don't want to be shit faced for a flight. That's a miserable experience. You want to have the perfect amount of buzz so you can potentially fall asleep or catch a steady buzz with some drinks in the air. There's nothing better than being ahead of the game when you land for vacation. Set the tone early. But have some respect. Don't be fighting people. Stripping to underwear? Well we've seen worst in the airport and on flights. Just don't throw up. You know that plane stunk for a long ass time. 

That's just Jacksonville though.