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Bryson Dechambeau Is Carrying Balls A Ridiculous 368 Yards On The Range At Augusta National


Holy hell. It's been well documented and discussed ad nauseam what Bryson Dechambeau has been up to the past few months with bulking up and going for insane swing speeds, but to see it here on the hallowed grounds of Augusta National Golf Club on the eve of the Masters... it's ridiculous. It's really happening. Bryson Dechambeau is about to go out and bomb and gouge golf's most iconic venue.

What's most crazy to me is that he's completely stolen the spotlight for this year's Masters. Last year we had maybe the greatest tournament in Masters history where the GOAT accomplished his greatest victory and he's here defending his title... and it's really not being discussed that much at all. I watched maybe a dozen player press conferences on Golf Channel yesterday and every single player was asked about Bryson within the first few questions. Hell, Justin Thomas is the #3 player in the world and I think he was asked more about Bryson's game than his own. Like him or hate him Bryson is the betting favorite this week and rightfully so because what he's doing to the golf ball is nothing short of ridiculous.