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A Year Later And Still The Most Important PSA For Knicks Fans: You're An Absolute Moron If You Want Them To Trade For Russell Westbrook

Yep, I wrote pretty much the same thing a year ago. The whole thing stands and if not it's actually more important a year later. You're an idiot, a moron, an imbecile, any word you want here and should not be allowed to watch basketball for at least a decade. 

Don’t get me wrong, Russ is awesome. Love him as a player. A good player for sure. Hell, a great player. Love that he is a bit crazy out there and is willing to hold grudges. But, the Knicks trading for him? Yeah, that would cripple the franchise again. First off let’s start with the obvious. 

The contract is a dagger. The Knicks actually managed free agency well after striking out on all the big names. They didn’t just toss around big contracts and big money. They signed everyone in order to keep cap space for the next two seasons. That’s a massive step in the right direction for this goddamn stupid franchise.

Why would you tie up all that money for Russ? And let’s be honest. Best case scenario here? You’re fighting for a 6-8 seed in the East and nowhere near a title contender. That’s not worth tying space up for. No matter how electric of a player he is and how it’ll help bring a star to New York.

Yes, the Knicks suck. Yes, I'm well aware that Russ would easily be the best player they've had since Melo and like the 3rd best player they've had if you go back to the Ewing era. But he's also 32 and injury prone. I don't want that contract as the Knicks actually made smart decisions. Keep the space open in case you can actually steal someone like Devin Booker if the rumors are true

So please for the love of God, you brought in Leon Rose. You have cap space. You have draft picks! Stay the course. Stay young, take a shot on trying to load up assets in case you can trade for Booker or someone younger. Keep Russ the hell out of New York.