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Wake Up With Ted Williams Flying Combat Missions in Korea

For all his other accomplishments, until the day he died Ted Williams said the thing he was most proud of was the fact he was a United States Marine. And as the video describes, if there was ever a movie done about his life, he’d insist the first scene would be the Panther jet he was piloting getting shot down and him barely escaping with his life.

Try for one second to imagine a pro athlete today going into combat. It hasn’t happened since Pat Tillman and will probably never happen again. Well The Greatest Hitter Who Ever Lived [tm] did tours in WWII and Korea. Even though he was eligible for a deferment as his mother’s only means of support, he want anyway. If he hadn’t missed those five years, he likely would’ve had 700 home runs. John Glenn called him the best wingman he ever had. He just wanted to be called a Marine.

Happy Veteran’s Day to all who’ve served, past and present. I find myself asking all the time where America keeps finding young people like you. And I’m grateful.