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The New Xbox Series X's Are Out And They Are Smoking Hot (As In They Appear To Literally Be Smoking Like Chimneys)

See, this is why I always wait a year or so before getting a next-gen console. The launch games are usually pretty weak, the outrageous prices inevitably drop, and oh yeah there may be a slight hardware issue that pop up, like getting smoked out of your fucking house like you are the Viet Cong back in 'nam. 

I think Bill Gates needs to take a 20 second timeout from creating vaccines to figure out how to get his new $500 product to be simply the latest new video game machine instead of the first ever video game smoke machine. Because even though being able to enter your living room like Ray Lewis before a game of Madden on the Series X seems fun, the appeal of having a gaming system blowing fat clouds like it’s in the Monster Hits Only Club is going to wear off pretty quick when you go deaf because your smoke alarm has been blaring in your ear the entire game.

Giphy Images.

The good news is if Santa delivers one of these consoles to you or your kids, you can set it up as the fireplace for him to arrive at next year as long as your house doesn’t become a red ring of death over the next year.

Blogger's Note: I have no clue what's real and what's not anymore since everyone makes up shit on the internet to go viral or fuck with a company’s bottom line. But once a tweet hits a certain viral level as well as the reply, I gotta let the blog fly. That's pretty much the entire Blogger's Creed. This guy seems to think it’s fake as he explains in great with gusto

Are the smoking Xbox’s fake news? Is this explanation of the smoking Xbox’s fake news? Is fake fake news actually real news? Are there any horse socks? More at 10!

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