BREAKING: After A Bunch Of Allegations Of Abuse, Wichita State Is Going To Fire Gregg Marshall

And there it is. It was only a matter of time before Wichita State had to fire Gregg Marshall. Last month a report broke about allegations of abuse he had not only at Wichita State but also during his time at Winthrop: 

He countered that by saying his coaching style wasn't for everyone while 'denying' the allegations

The fact is in today's age you don't keep your job when there are this many allegations stemming from verbal abuse and actually punching a player. It didn't matter that a bunch of boosters signed something saying they backed Marshall: 

Yes he's a hell of a coach and the best one Wichita has had. But you don't stay with this. Not when you had a bunch of players transfer and former players go on record to talk about the allegations. You can't keep him, even if the season starts in two weeks. Now what do they do going forward is the question. Obviously this year you move an assistant to interim status and then from there you start a job search. It's a good job. The boosters throw money around, just look at what they did for Marshall when he was ready to leave for the Alabama job. They are now in the AAC, a conference you can recruit in way easier than the MVC. 

As for some names, Earl Grant could be one from the College of Charleston. He's just 43 years old and spent three years as an assistant under Marshall at Wichita State. They could pick someone from the MVC or a mid-major coach, that would make the most sense. I'm personally cheering for Mark Turgeon to leave Maryland to go back to Wichita where he had a ton of success just for comedy. 

The other thing is these players currently on the roster are going to be poached. They are receiving calls and texts from coaches across the country to try and transfer, especially since they'll get a waiver for next season. Don't be surprised to see guys leave after the first semester. And yeah, Marshall will likely get another job because of his on court success, but like I've said, you can't have these sort of allegations and keep your job.

I also love that Wichita dumped the news late night on a Tuesday for a likely Friday news dump. Never fails.