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We Need To Talk About Shaka Smart's Disgusting New Look And How It's Going To Cost Texas

Yikes! When did Shaka Smart get the full Nick Wright lettuce? This is a disaster. I mean there are certain guys that just need to look the same forever. Shaka is one of them. You can't be this guy and expect to win at Texas. Granted, this guy didn't win either. 

John Weast. Getty Images.

But this is supposed to be the year for Texas. This is supposed to be their best team yet with Matt Coleman, Courtney Ramey and Andrew Jones as the three-guard monster in the backcourt. They are supposed to have depth. They have guys like Jericho Sims and 5-star Greg Brown up front. This is the year that they are supposed to make the second weekend of the NCAA Tournament. 

Then again is this Shaka scared of being upstaged on the bench again? Remember, they have this guy wandering around

Giphy Images.

That guy drips sex. You can't replicate that no matter how much hair you have on your head. You have to be who you are and as a fellow bald guy, Shaka Smart is a bald dude. That's just who he is. That's how you come up at VCU with HAVOC. This guy can't run Havoc at VCU with that hair. No sir. 

I'm not letting Shaka fool me with this look. He's trying to disguise the guy who can't come up with any sort of creativity on offense during his time at Texas. He's trying to buy an extra year after being firmly on the hot seat. Don't fall for it. We're officially on team fade Texas. 

Texas officially not back.