Think You Have a Good Golf Swing? Future Masters Champ Max Homa Is Here to Perfect Your Form

It is Masters Week 2020! And leading up to this magnificent tournament at Augusta, Pardon My Take welcomed on professional golfer Max Homa to the show. This future major winner joined the pod to discuss what Masters Week has been like so far, golf etiquette, making golf more fun, and blaming his caddy. Homa is also known for critiquing everyone's golf swings on Twitter, so it was only fitting that he gave Mr. Cat, Mr. Commenter, and Hank a lesson.

Mr. Cat: I know golf is hard, but how did our swings look? We had Hank show you the video of us playing with Tony Scheffler. Are any of us, if we put a little more effort into it, pro material?

Max Homa: You [Big Cat] hit it really straight in the video I saw. I wrote stuff down for notes just so I didn't forget about it. Big Cat, I wrote yours in NFL Combine-type notes because that's your language, right? I said you look surprisingly good in shorts, which I felt like, that's a big win.

Hank: Shorts on the golf course, though. Isn't that a big no no?

Mr. Cat: Well, you were wearing jeans, Hank!

Max Homa: Hank, give it a second, I got to get to you. If I'm ranking them, yours is third, which is last. 

Mr. Cat: Oh, wow!

Mr. Commenter: That's devastating, because Hank thought for sure...

Mr. Cat: He literally pointed to himself when I asked. Alright, so keep going, sorry. 

Max Homa: Big Cat, you also look like you'd be the best at knowing where all the restrooms are, or at least like the best type of towel if there's an emergency, like in the bushes. Also, I don't know if this one's too mean, oh no, I mean, I thought you hit it straighter than Cody Parkey kicked it. 

Mr. Cat: Ohhh, that was mean. Nevermind. 

Mr. Commenter: Cody Parkey, the ultimate pin seeker. 

Max Homa: PFT, you sent me your swing once, and in this video, you did the same thing, and I will applaud you. After you hit the ball, you look up with so much optimism like it's going nowhere near the hole. 

Mr. Commenter: I look straight ahead. 

Max Homa: You hit it in the water, and it didn't go an inch, and you're looking out like it's flying over the mountains. 

Mr. Commenter: To be fair, I was hitting the ball out of the water like that's tough to do. And I got it on my second try, which I feel like that's at least I got it out of the pond. 

Max Homa: You did. And I will give you the compliment that I think you would be a better Happy Gilmore caddie, because you putt it well with one shoe on. That was really impressive.

Mr. Cat: Okay, and last, but very much least...

Max Homa: Hank has the posture of a guy who's standing up for the very first time. And I thought that if the wind blew a little too hard, he might fall over. He needs a little more Bryson thickness. 

Mr. Cat: The worst part about this, Max, is that PFT and I don't golf. I used to golf a little bit, but I don't golf. Hank actually thinks he's a golfer. You fall in love with golf every summer and you're like, "Oh, I love playing golf." 

Mr. Commenter: The only reason Hank didn't play this summer on one of his many vacations was because all the courses were shut down. 

Max Homa: I will say, the cool part is that I think you three all had better swings than anyone at Fore Play.

Mr. Cat: Oh, that's huge! I love it.

What an easy guy to root for. A dream Sunday at The Masters final pairing would be Blake Koepka and Max Homa. If one one of them end up winning the Green Jacket, please credit Pardon My Take for all of their success.