OOPS: This Tony La Russa Drunk Dial Did Not Age Well

Idk how that title works here. Did this commercial "age well" because we're talking about it today? Or did it "age poorly" because Tony La Russa got popped for his 2nd DUI and we can reflect on it? Is it bad for Tony or good for a smooth Busch? I have no idea so let's just agree all you motherfuckers saying OH SHIT THAT DIDN'T AGE WELL CARL every time I give Mitch a nice beej can kiss my ass. I'm ride or die with Mitch. You guys know that. 

But this isn't about Mitch. It's about La Russa being a bread 'n butter domestic bottles kind of guy. If it was Busch in the 80's then there's easily been at least a dozen other premium pilsners in his wheelhouse over the years. No disrespect to everyone from towns in the 5,000-10,000 population range. I know you guys would give the shirt off your back to a homeless guy if it meant splitting that room temperature 30-rack of B-Heavies. I respect that. 

What I don't respect is the White Sox thinking they can absorb this type of blow. Talk about tone deaf. Talk about not knowing your personnel. Talk about embarrassing the hard fought efforts of countless people across the organization to get the club to where it is today. Tony La Russa is the guy for the job with or without the nauseating controversy that comes with pleading not guilty to double misdemeanor DUI charges. That's why Jerry Reinsdorf is a billionaire and we're all hopeless losers. He can read a room and we can't.

PS - Good luck to both Chicago baseball teams.