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PAIN: Dior Johnson, Syracuse's Best Basketball Recruit Since Carmelo Anthony, Has Decommitted From The School


Pain. Even though Dior Johnson's commit to Syracuse always felt like a ticking time bomb this shit still hurts. This dude was the best recruit Boeheim had brought in since Carmelo Anthony. The number one PG of the 2022 class. There was even thought he was going to reclassify to 2021 and play with his boy Benny Williams to form a 5 star tag team on the ACC. Nope, that's all gone now. Does covid have something to do with it? I guess it could. I mean going to school during the pandemic is a disaster in itself. Now choosing to go to a school in a pandemic up in Syracuse cannot be fun at all. You still have to go to class, but the fruits of college are no more. It's just a prison, an ice cold one. Why bother? I know I wouldn't. 

Just like Darius Bazley, I could see Dior taking the G League rout to earn money right away. He also could be banking on the potential NBA Draft allowing recent high school graduates in 2022. There's no guarantee that happens, but the one year of college requirement is sure to be gone sooner rather than later. The dream of Dior is gone.  

God fucking dammit I wanted to this kid rock the Carrier Dome. With a name like Dior Johnson you simply cannot be bad. 

P.S. It's weird that both sides are happy with the split. How could that be possible?