Just When You Thought The Bengals Couldn't Be Any Dumber They Go Out And Do This

Andy Lyons. Getty Images.


The Cincinnati Bengals just aren't very smart. 

Sure, they drafted my guy Joey Burrow number 1, but anyone with half a brain that has watched one game of football could do that. No, they're dumb because they like to poke the bear. 



Yeeeeah there we go. Give even more of an incentive for the NFL's top sack defense to lick their chops against the 30th ranked offensive line in the league giving up nearly four sacks a game for the new cornerstone of their franchise. Not to mention that line is giving up an average of 5 sacks while on the road which they will be this weekend in Pittsburgh. 

Do they really not remember what happened in 2005 after Houshmanzadeh did this on his way out of Heinz Field?


31-17 Steelers in Cincy. They go on to win Super Bowl 40. And on top of that they lost their, at the time, franchise piece Carson Palmer on a brutally unfortunate knee injury. 

Or how about good ol' Jeremy Hill? He brought so much joy to Steelers fans everywhere in 2015 after coughing up a fumble to give the Steelers another chance to come back again in the Wild Card round, but then the very next year he decided to toy with the voodoo of the Terrible Towel again. 


That was to go up 17-3. After that? Steelers outscored them 21-3 and won the game. 

Which brings us back to the original tweet for this blog. I know the Bengals social media coordinator's job is to get engagement to report back to her boss who has no idea what a meme is, but hey as long as arrows are pointing up then we're golden. 

But whoever decided to send that out for the thriller between the 8-0 Steelers and the 2-5-1 Bengals to get folks fired up clearly doesn't know enough about the history of the Bengals against the Steelers and what messing with the Terrible Towel has done.