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A Female Lifeguard Saving A Drowning Kid In The Middle Of A Bunch Of Other Kids Is An Impressive Video


Mental Floss – If you think reapplying sunscreen at regular intervals is a lifeguard’s most fine-tuned skill, this video will change your mind.

On Tuesday, Lifeguard Rescue posted an 84-second clip which shows an eagle-eyed lifeguard at a crowded wave pool see something that no one else does: a drowning child.

It takes her only a single second to see the child slip out of his inner tube and struggle to resurface, then respond accordingly.


I’m a big Where’s Waldo guy — spoiler alert: He’s fucking everywhere, really respect that about him — so this video was kind of fun when I saw it with the headline “Can you spot the drowning child?” And I definitely could not spot that drowning child no matter how hard I try so I kind of have a newfound respect for lifeguards. I just assumed it was a burnout job for people who used to be on swim teams but now I see the skill at play here. Even if the kid is kind of an idiot for drowning in a pool literally surrounded by inner tubes, that’s a pretty impressive moment all the same. If I were that lifeguard, I’d show this video at every party or social gathering until the end of time. Heroism is its own reward.


I’m also fairly disappointed in this kid for being a stereotype though. Tread water one time for me, Marlon, it’s 2015.