RIP To Celtics Legend Tommy Heinsohn

This is devastating news. I saw this get tweeted to me and I almost didn't want to believe it until I saw Chad Finn's tweet. All of Celtics Nation feels this one. Tommy was our guy. Our legend. He and Mike Gorman were the voice of my generation when it came to Celtics basketball. When you talk about Celtics legends, Tommy is near the top of the list without question. He was everything that embodied being a Celtic and then some. I don't know what life is like as a fan of this team without Tommy in it, and I imagine a lot of Celts fans feel the same way. 

As a player, the man was a monster. A 6x All Star, 4x All NBA player who won the 1956 ROY and 8 titles. Then, as a coach, he had a 690-427 record and won two more titles in Boston. He was an icon. Getting a Tommy Point after a game became the highest level of athletic achievement in the sport. 

If you aren't a Celtics fan, you probably hated listening to Tommy call a game. People said he was nothing but a homer. So what. He was OUR homer. He was also never wrong. Hearing him lose his shit on some terrible call was 95% of the reason why watching the Celts broadcasts were awesome. Even in his reduced role in recent years due to health concerns, Tommy was still able to bring the heat. I don't think it's possible to be more beloved in New England than how we all feel about Tommy. Few players delivered for the Celtics and the city of Boston like Tommy Heinsohn.

There will never be another Tommy. Ever. He was truly one of a kind and he will be dearly missed. Now, let's all take a moment and pay our respects to the legend. RIPIP.