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Scientists Say That LSD For Breakfast Will Make You Have A Great Day



(Source)Most of us tend to go for a bowl of cereal or maybe some eggs in the morning before heading off to work. Blotters of acid certainly don’t come into the equation, but maybe they should? Some circles, including a popular Reddit forum, advocate the use of LSD in tiny doses, known as ‘micro-dosing’ and Dr. James Fadiman, who has researched psychedelics throughout his lifetime, claims, “Micro-dosing turns out to be a totally different world. As someone said, the rocks don’t glow, even a little bit. “But what many people are reporting is, at the end of the day, they say, ‘That was a really good day.’ You know, that kind of day when things kind of work. You’re doing a task you normally couldn’t stand for two hours, but you do it for three or four. You eat properly. Maybe you do one more set of reps. Just a good day. That seems to be what we’re discovering.”





Well how about that! You want a complete breakfast? Turns out that along with your Apple Jacks, toast, apple, and glass of orange juice you’re also gonna need some LSD. If you’re withholding that then you’re not getting all your proper nutrients and you’re going to have a shitty day. You’re skimping on the most important meal if you’re not getting whacked out during it.


I’ve never done LSD but I don’t see how I can go on without it. I’ve been looking for that little kicker to get my life on track, turns out LSD is exactly what I’ve needed. I get bored of blogging by like 3 PM, not on LSD. I eat every meal like it’s 3 AM and I’m a frat boy, not on LSD. I avoid the gym like just walking through the door will give me AIDS, not on LSD. It’s literally the key to fixing my entire life. That’s incredible. It’s pretty well recorded that I’m not much of a drug guy but I feel like it would be irresponsible to not become a drug addict after Dr. Fadiman enlightened me.