MSNBC Correspondent Ken Dilanian Completely Shits His Pants On Live Television

Swearing on live television always plays. I don't care if it's Melo yelling "FUCK OUTTA HERE" while grabbing a rebound or some random reporter swearing into a hot mic when they didn't realize they were live, it just works. The next time it isn't instantly viral will be the first as far as I'm concerned. But that wasn't even close to the funniest thing that happened here. That might just be the best "OK" in the history of the word. Didn't even try to blame it on technical difficulties or some other error. A brief pause followed by a big fat "OK" and moving on. Nothing else needs to be said. My man already knows what's happening to this clip the second he hears Ken sultrily whisper "Oh shit. Fuck." like he was catching a quick off-camera afternoon blowjob. It was way too late for any sort of damage control. That "OK" with the pursed lips and instantly dead eyes was really code for, "Gee thanks, Ken. Way to be ready for the bright lights, dickhead. See you on this program again in 2000-never, bucko."

Big Ken sent out this weak apology tweet blaming working from home, a thing Ken and ONLY Ken is dealing with. 

I'll tell you what. That excuse plays in April. The beginning of Corona Life when we were all thrust into learning new technology on the fly I have no problem with that line of logic. This late in the game though, Ken? Really? C'mon buddy. You're better than that. You said the Fuck word and now we're all laughing. What's done is done.