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Jerry Jones Says The Cowboys Would Be Crazy To Draft A Quarterback In The First Round

Sorry Twitter Trolls and irrational Dak haters, Dallas is still all-in on their franchise QB, even if they haven’t paid him (yet) long term. 

The Cowboys are currently on track to have a top 3 pick in a loaded draft at the quarterback position. Of course, the speculation as to whether the Boys might be tempted to take Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields was BOUND to happen. And today, it finally came up. During his weekly chat with 105.3 The Fan, Jerry Jones was asked about the possibility only to tell the radio host he was basically a lunatic for even suggesting that the Cowboys would take a quarterback in the first round.

“Yes, you ask me if it’s crazy to bring the idea up? And I’ve answered it, yes,” Jones said. “It’s not the thing to be talking about at all. Dak is our quarterback.”


For anyone who's been watching these Cowboys all season long, especially before Dak went down, you know QB is last on the list of team needs. 

It’s clear and obvious that what this team needs are pieces to protect Dak, not a replacement for him. Without an O line, especially a LT to replace Tyron Smith who is on the NFL’s death’s door, not even Jesus himself could sling the rock effectively. 

And Cowboys fans looking for a little good news today?

Dak is ahead of schedule in his rehab. He is going to fully recover and get back to the type of play we’ve been used to seeing him these last couple of years. 

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And for Jerry Jones AND Stephen to come out and continue to commit to Dak even with the likes of a younger, cheaper Trevor Lawrence waiting in the wings to potentially be the QB of America’s Team, God’s team, speaks volumes about their confidence in Prescott. 

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I love it. I’m pumped for the future of this team, especially if they continue to lose games. Shit, if the Jets keep playing well, this Cowboys franchise could fuck around and get the first overall pick and flip it for more picks. 

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And if they could figure out a way to replicate how successful this team was in the draft last year? Dallas is going to fill a bunch of the holes that have been causing their woes all season. 

With a line that can protect him, and the young, sharp weapons at his disposal like Pollard, Gallup, Amari and CeeDee? Then an improved defense in the secondary? Look out. 2021 can’t come soon enough.