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SCOOP CITY: Sandy Alderson Told Mets Employees That After Shopping For Players In The Clearance Aisle For Years, The Mets Are Going To Be Shopping In The Gourmet Food Aisle Now

Buckle up Mets fans, we are apparently about to go from eating the scraps out of other big market teams' garbage pails like alley cats to eating filet mignon for breakfast, lunch, and dinner at 5-star restaurants that only Portnoy and Large have visited. I honestly don't know if our stomachs can handle the richness and all the nutrients of this new menu, but I do know I was about to die of a heart attack from all the empty calorie generic bullshit quick fix snacks the Wilpons shoved down our gullets the last decade or so. 

Now we get to open up the top free agents list without having to hit Page Down three times before we find the players coming off of a down year or relatively serious injury that fit into our price range. We are finally a big market team again with a big wallet and some big brains at the top of the org chart. 

Annnnd Sandy just said it in his introductory press conference. Game on, mothafuckas!