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Time To Discuss How Bad Jamal Adams Has Been In 2020

As a Jets fan, I've followed Jamal Adams since he was drafted.

The LSU safety was a top draft pick and seemed to be the heart and soul of the Jets defense. When I heard he wanted out of New York I was disappointed. Why couldn't we keep the only thing we had: an All-Pro safety.

But then the Jets got two 1st rounders for him and I had a few files pop up on my desk that Adams wasn't necessarily as All-Pro as you would think an All-Pro safety would be.

His performance against the Patriots was just one example. Maybe it was an outlier? There's no way that the guy that acts like he's the best defensive player in the league would just straight up lie to us.

Jamal Adams returned after an injury to the horrendous Seahawks secondary on Sunday, only to make it worse? Based on PFF's numbers, the Seahawks allowing the Bills to score 44 points on Sunday was their worse performance this season. Funny considering that Jamal Adams tweeted this in 2018:

This may be shocking, but the Seahawks defense actually has played better without Jamal Adams than with him based on PFF's grading scale. 

Jamal Adams actually ranks 48th among safeties in the NFL this season in overall PFF rating. As Ben Baldwin pointed out, he ranks 78th in coverage. Defending the pass isn't everything, but in the current NFL? It means a lot. It's not 1995 anymore.

Whose fault is this? Is it his injuries? Sure, that's possible. Is it how the Seahawks are using him? I guess. Or, could it be, that Jamal Adams is a bit overrated? My bet is on that.

The Jets are on their way to 0-16, but at least they got 2 draft picks for "Prez."