Cincinnati's Christmas Tree Is Goddamn Gorgeous

Step aside NYC, we found a new contender of cities to visit and go see the tree. Is seeing the tree absolutely stupid? Sure is. But not when you can look at this beauty in downtown Cincinnati. Grab a bowl of Skyline, pick up some goetta and meet me down at Fountain Square. 

This is by far the most Cincinnati thing ever. Sure, we could make fun of the Bengals and all their disasters. Could make fun of the Reds going approximately 0-for-421 against the Braves in the playoffs. We could even make fun of Cincinnati and Xavier blowing leads in the NCAA Tournament as pretty heavy favorites. But nothing looks more Cincinnati than this tree. I say this as someone who loves this city! I'm not from here but it's become my city for the last decade. It's underrated. Cheap as shit, a ton of fun bars, good food, close to everything. But this tree? This tree is Cincinnati with hope. This is every Cincinnati sports fan in a close game. Just falling apart knowing how it's going to end. 

I just hope they don't change it. Hang some lights on that bastard and call it a day. I said it earlier in the blog but going to see the tree is so stupid, no matter what city you're in. It's cold out, it looks the same every year. You just look at it and are expected to stay there longer than a minute? It's a waste of time. But if you mix it up by having this sort of tree then you flip the game on its head. 

Never change Cincinnati.