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The Jets Put On A Masterclass, Hall Of Fame Display Of Tanking As They Hand The Patriots A Win

Remarkable. Truly remarkable. I say that without an ounce of sarcasm. I've never seen anything like that game. The Jets were in control for a smooth 90% of that game and then remembered the goal at hand and instantly gave it up. They ran FOUR offensive plays in the fourth quarter, Joe Flacco never once tried after he reminded America he was still elite, and then they let Jakobi Meyers run wide open to the middle of the field with the game on the line to set up the game-winning field goal attempt. Adam Gase didn't even attempt to ice the kicker because that would be counter to the master plan at hand. You'll never see tanking better than what the Jets just put on display here tonight at the Meadowlands. 

Had the Patriots lost this game, which looked like a foregone conclusion after JC Jackson got put into a mixing bowl by Breshad Perriman running the "run slightly to the right" route, they would have been a single game out of the Trevor Lawrence sweepstakes and extremely in the mix for Justin Fields. The Jets could not, neigh, WOULD not allow that to happen. Not on Adam Gase's watch. I hope football scholars study this game for generations because it should not be overlooked and lost to the annals of history. You have your division rival in a free fall headed towards replacing their 20-year franchise quarterback with the best QB prospect of the last half-decade and you decide to take matters into your own hands to stop that from happening. I'm not saying Adam Gase deserves the Presidential Medal of Freedom for what he accomplished tonight but I'm also not not saying that. After what we witnessed tonight the Jets absolutely deserve to ruin Trevor Lawrence. They earned that right.