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Wake Up With Alex Trebek Absolutely Fire Flames Roasting The Chicago Cubs


Obviously there's a ton of Alex Trebek clips going around, and rightfully so. I tweeted the other day that he has to be high on the list of the most universally loved people on TV. A lot of the clips going around are of him making fun of the contestants with football questions, but this baseball burn was good too. We always got the awkward intros and stories from the contestants, and this guy was SOOOO excited to talk about his grooms cake that his wife got him. Full replica of Wrigley Field. Alex comes in HOT with the burn, no World Series trophy included! This was back in 2013 so it was still accurate. Trebek chimes in with the fact that he's a Dodgers fan, so he knew that pain a bit. Neat storyline that he got to see them win the World Series a few weeks back before he passed. Love Trebek going straight for the jugular with the Cubs joke though.