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Convict Dresses For His Eventual Capture

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TSG - A suspect in an Arkansas shooting was wearing a t-shirt reading “You can run, but you can’t hide” when he was tracked down late Tuesday evening after several days on the run. Tieren Watson, 26, was apprehended at a Little Rock motel by a task force of local police and federal marshals. Pictured at right in handcuffs, Watson was arrested in connection with a June 13 shooting in Benton that left a female victim hospitalized in serious condition.   



Have to give him some credit for dressing the role. So many kids/convicts nowadays think they know it all. Going around acting like their shit don’t stink. Well this guy right here, Tieren Watson, he knows the drill. This isn’t his first rodeo. He knew he was going to get caught eventually and dressed accordingly. I’m not condoning what he did, but they should probably knock a few years off his sentence for being a good sport about it.


PS: I love his shorts. Love. I have a pair like those that I wear around the apartment and they are perfect. Flowly but long enough to keep you warm. Not capris because they don’t attach to your skin, just nice long shorts perfect for a black uncle on the grill at a bbq.



h/t tim