If You're Going To Watch One HUGE Clump Of Earwax Removed From Some Guy's Ear, Make It This One


Well first:




And secondly, I’ve never been more disgusted by anything viral I’ve seen on the Internet — porn is its own jam, obviously — and that’s why I need to share this with you guys. I can’t say I see a lot earwax in the course of my life given that I clean my ears like a normal human being. But how is that even possible? This doesn’t even look like some disgusting old guy, just a random dude with a decent haircut and relatively clean looking face and there he is getting a micropenis full of earwax yanked out of his ear like it’s a totally normal run of events. Absolutely horrifying to know that’s possible, let alone see it in action


Also if you’re a group of people watching and filming one of your friends get earwax removed from his ear, find a new friend crew. I’d rather get together with a group of friends and watch a snuff film starring my grandmother than sit around while someone picks earwax out of some dude’s ear. There are legitimately a BILLION better things to do with your life than that. Have you motherfuckers even heard of Mario Party?