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There Will Be A New "Has Fallen" Movie And Gerard Butler Is BACK

As the 41st American Film Market launches online, Millennium Media is unveiling “Night Has Fallen,” the fourth installment in the Gerard Butler’s durable action franchise.

The creative team from 2019’s “Angel Has Fallen” is returning with Robert Kamen penning the script along with Ric Roman Waugh, who is also set to direct again.

What’s going to happen? “The plot is top secret,” said Millennium Media, which will produce.

I unabashedly love these movies and I don't give a shit who knows it. There is something incredibly endearing about any piece of media that doesn't try to be anything past what it is, and that is what makes these so great. You know you're going to get a base formula in each one:

#1. You're going to be introduced to Mike Banning. He's a no-bullshit, ball-busting, flag-respecting boss with a heart of gold. He loves three things: His president, his flag, and his family. He's a field guy and not cut out for desk work. 

#2. The odds are going to be stacked against Mike, regardless of the situation. 

#3. He is going to overcome those odds while delivering some A+ action lines in a gruff, grizzled demeanor. And he is going to kill a LOT of people while doing it. 

What will be the plot of this movie, though? Though to say. Would I put it past the franchise pivoting to a zombie attack on the White House? Absolutely not. In fact, I'm now convinced that is going to happen. Or maybe the Russians (since financials prohibit Hollywood from portraying China as the bad guy anymore) make a giant laser to shoot out the sun. Or maybe they make the Nazi Sun Gun? Tough to say at this point, but either way I am excited to get American hero Mike Banning back in action.