Tom Izzo Announces He Tested Positive For Coronavirus But Is Going True #BasketballGuy And Watching Hours Of Film When Quarantined

And now we have the biggest name so far in college hoops testing positive for coronavirus. It's worth noting that he won't miss any game time yet, but we're getting to the point now where a positive test could lead to a coach or player missing actual games. We're just over two weeks away so starting later in the week here any story like this could be drastically different. And it sucks, obviously it's good to hear that Izzo is in good health and just showing minor symptoms, but it sucks. 

That's not my takeaway here though. It's that Izzo is just straight up going old school basketball coach. Gotta give him credit, I love it. You don't just quarantine and not watch film and start breaking shit down. First game is a couple weeks away. You think a guy who does football drills for practice is going to sit back and just rewatch The Office? I don't think so. 

The best part is the Michigan State schedule isn't even set yet. We don't know who they are opening with. This is what you see when you click on their schedule: 

That ain't gonna stop Izzo though. Wouldn't shock me if he tosses on Big 10 film and gets ready for the conference season. Might watch a bunch of Marquette so he can figure out how best to use Hauser after his redshirt year. Either/or really. Izzo is so old school man and guys like him help make college hoops great. Get us to the season. Give us normal of a year as possible. Positive vibes only.