Doctor Diogo Rabelo Marries *Checks Notes* Himself This Weekend In A Beautiful Ceremony

A Brazilian doctoris going viral across social media sites for his high spirits, after he married himself in a ceremony attended by his family and loved ones. Photos and videos of his wedding has delighted many online, spreading positivity.

Dr Diogo Rabelo, 33, went viral on the internet for his beautiful wedding that took place at a resort in Itacaré, Bahia, where he exchanged vows with himself in front of guests and followed all the rituals.

However, there were some twists.

Rabelo decided to go through the wedding, that approximately costed 350,000 BRL, even after his fiancée Vitor Bueno broke of their engagement in July after series of fights.

What a lovely story. One minute you and your finance are arguing back and forth over who knows what. The next minute, you break up and begin your soul search. In that search, what do you find?

Wait for it. 

Wait for it.

Wait for it.

You find.... yourself. WOW. 

To me, that is beautiful. You get the chance to see yourself in the mirror for the first time. The mirror of your soul has been cleansed by heart-breaks Windex. Now that the streaks of tears are gone, your true self begins to fly higher than an eagle. As it turns out, you're the wind beneath your own wings. Incredible. You look at yourself in the mirror and with all the confidence of Deion Sanders left on an island against Jerry Rice, you say to yourself.

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You know what? You're right. Sometimes your wedding is just about YOU and no one else. You put down your pocketbook and you just fucking dance the night away with yourself in your own arms. 

That's exactly what the good doctor did. He went on to say, “The good thing about marrying you is that there are no protocols! You have the freedom to have fun any way you want, and am I wrong? There was a bouquet of flowers YES!"

Hell yeah, brother. Cheers to the happy couple  fella.