It's Pretty Clear Victoria Secret's Model Josephine Skriver Is The Real Reason The Raiders Are 5-3 And Fighting For The Playoffs

I gotta admit when I saw this on Instagram, I was taken aback for a second. A Raiders fan that looks like this? Did the Raiders get soft by moving to Vegas? When you think of Raiders fans you think of the Black Hole, you think of screaming, you think of dudes that look like this: 

Icon Sportswire. Getty Images.

Which makes this outfit Skriver wore make a little bit more sense: 

Has me starting to think this is the real reason the Raiders are competing for a playoff spot. Sure it could be Anthony Lynn calling not 1 but 2 goal line fades which work at best 10% of the time. Sure, it could be Josh Jacobs being a damn good running back or Nelson Algholor remembering how to catch a football. We know it's not the defense because they are in the bottom-10 of the league. 

Nope it's all Josephine Skriver and her Raiders posts. 

Me and a Victoria's Secret model. Two people that will wear a football jersey and no pants. Look the same too.