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Awesome Video of US Army Black Hawk Team Rescuing Honduran Child From Devastating Floodwaters

The things US Military rescue crews accomplish is easily one of the more under looked aspects of service. From the Coast Guard rescuing folks every fucking day to special missions of humanitarian nature like this one, the troops are doing good all across the globe during tumultuous times. 

We look at stories like this one and obviously feel a sense of relief knowing that a child was rescued and given proper medical care. Hopefully, the rest of the story comes out with such a positive outcome as well. While the little girl was rescued, we dont yet know what happened to her family. These are some of the images that play in many veterans and active duty members minds at night... the same thing goes for first responders. Unreal bravery and fortitude to continue doing these types of things over and over and over. 

I once spoke with a medic who was assigned to a helicopter during the aftermath of Houston's Hurricane Harvey. He said every day the entire team showed up with a sense of both dread and hope. Dread and what'd they see that day. Hope that what they did that day would ease the dread of tomorrow. 

Bombs, bullets, and bad guys get the bulk of military news. In actuality, the majority of what the men and women do are things just like this. For that, I'm thankful. Well done, soldiers.   

PS: Jesus Christ.