The First AP Top-25 Poll Of The College Hoops Season Was Released And Yep, The Voters Are Still Dumb As Shit

There it is. The college hoops season is here and we have our first AP poll. Now, I always, ALWAYS preach how dumb the AP poll is. You have people who don't watch the sport across the country trying to come up with a top-25. There's always some disaster and Gary Parrish literally writes a weekly column pointing out the dumbest one each week. That said, the preseason AP poll matters because it's truly the only predictive poll they ever release. 

All that said, it's good to know that in the weirdness of this season the AP voters are still dumb as shit. I don't have a problem with the top-3. They are the clear top-3 in the country this year and you can have them in any order. Congrats to Gonzaga on that No. 1 ranking. They actually deserve it, no matter how many times people try to discredit them for being Gonzaga. Then there's Baylor and Scott Drew who has done the best rebuilding job in sports history. That's not even hyperbole when you look at what he took over after the Dave Bliss disaster. 

But then we get into some of the disaster. Virginia at 4 and Iowa at 5?!? I've let my thoughts about Iowa be pretty clear, they are the most overrated team in the country and this just continues to prove that I'm right. 

Virginia will always have a high floor because Tony Bennett is a fucking ridiculously good coach, but it seems like everyone is just banking on Hauser being the missing link. Remember, this is a Virginia team that looked like they were going to miss the NCAA Tournament before getting hot late, but that was mostly beating shitty ACC teams. Casey Morsell should take a jump ,but he was statistically one of the worst players in the conference last year. 

And then there's Kentucky at 10. Let's talk about my Wildcats. I get that they only return Keion Brooks, but are we really going to pretend like this isn't going to be a top-5 team in the country? Remember, this is a predictive poll. Nobody is more successful than Calipari at being a contender. That's just a fact. Numbers don't lie. If you don't think BJ Boston and Terrence Clarke are going to become top-10 NBA picks and guys that can win you the SEC, you're out of your mind. Not to mention Olivier Sarr was a double-double guy in the ACC. Pretty good to have on my roster. They actually are going to be a damn good defensive team with their length and ability to switch and be 9 deep. 

Way too high of a ranking: Virginia, Iowa, Michigan State, Arizona State

Way too low of a ranking: Texas Tech, Kentucky, Houston

Oh and shout out Rutgers for being ranked. What a world where Rutgers is going to be relevant for a second season in a row in college hoops. Get ready to pay Steve Pikiell. Now if you don't mind me, I'll be looking for Louisville and Indiana in the rankings. Can't seem to find their logo or name anywhere. 

Less than 3 weeks to go.