Humboldt Survivor Layne Matechuk Is Looking Great Back On The Ice And Snapping Off Some Wristers

It's always great to get an update from any of the Humboldt Broncos who were fortunate enough to come out of that crash a few years ago with their lives. These are all a bunch of guys who have dealt with one of the most traumatic events anybody could possibly go through, but have so much strength and determination to make the most out of all the time they have left here on Earth because they realize they have plenty of friends, brothers, teammates who cannot. 

Layne Matechuk is one of those guys. 

We first saw Layne get back on the ice for the first time back in January of 2019. 

Getting back out on the ice at all after the injuries he sustained was incredible. But now just a year later, he's able to wheel around out there without using the net for balance. He's got his stride back, he's crossing over, tight turns, puck handling, and even snapping off some wrist shots. Layne Matechuk was clearly born to be a hockey player, and he's proving that there's nothing that'll get in his way of that. Even if he has to completely re-teach himself how to play, he's going to do the damn thing. 

I know 2020 has been a wild year for most folks out there, but Layne Matechuk should be all the inspiration to you need to just keep grinding no matter what life throws your way. Can't wait to see what he looks like after another year of getting after it.