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The NFL Is Officially On Notice Now That Michael Thomas Says He's Done Punching Teammates And Can Win A Super Bowl For The Saints

[Source] - “My emotions got the best of me in that situation,” Thomas said, via “I’ve grown from that, and I’m here to help my team win games and finish the mission: To win a championship.”

Well here's a sense of relief for Saints fans and Saints players. Michael Thomas is #done punching teammates during practices and getting suspended. That's what we call growth right there. No more winding up and clocking a dude who you share a locker room with right in the face. Now I don't know how the Saints get stopped from winning a Super Bowl except for a lack of flag on a pass interference call. 

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Or now that defensive backs don't have to worry about Michael Thomas, maybe they can play a little late game defense? 

Yeah, NOW the Saints can win a Super Bowl. Then again, did anyone ask if C.J. Gardner-Johnson deserved it? Remember he's the same dude who the Bears decided to fight. 

If anything it just shows how weird this year is. I was arguing with people before the year that Michael Thomas was the best receiver in the game. Now? Is he even mentioned with Hopkins or Adams? I don't think so because he missed so much time this year. Then again when Taysom Hill is on the team can anyone be better than him? Not in Sean Payton's mind. But now that Michael Thomas isn't punching teammates, I just don't know how the Saints can't win the Super Bowl now.