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College Football Rankings: STOP THE COUNT!


Seriously, is this not the most perfect top 4 of all time? End the season now and lock in these teams for the playoffs today. You'd have a 100.0% approval rating. Pair this top 4 with all the quarantining going on, and this will easily be the most watched semifinal and final of all time. It may not be what America deserves right now, but it's clearly what America needs. And yeah, I know these aren't the official committee rankings, but the AP Poll is what we have to go off at the given moment. Committee: hold us right here. 

And listen, I'm not going to lie and not mention that one huge reason these rankings are so appealing to me is because for the first time in the history of the college football playoff, the Buckeyes would get to line up across from a seriously inferior opponent. Think about it. Since this all started in 2014 (who won that one?), Ohio State's semifinal matchups have been Alabama, Clemson, and Clemson. All while the other semifinals have had absolute cupcakes of the likes of Florida State, Washington, and Oklahoma. While the Buckeyes were playing the most talented team each year, the other half of the bracket has an aggregate score of 146 to 55. Everyone else has had their turn, why not us?

Anyways, yeah, I like the idea that Buckeyes finally get to cruise into the championship game if this all were to hold. Let Alabama deal with Clemson instead of having an extra bye week like usual. But regardless, the fact of the matter remains that this is a no-brainer dream scenario for the college football playoff. I know the goal is to get the top 4 teams, but who could argue with getting the 3 best AND Notre Dame?

Everyone with two eyes can already see how this year is going to shake out. Alabama goes undefeated. Ohio State goes undefeated. And Clemson comes back with Trevor Lawrence and beats Notre Dame. So what do you do from there.......? I think you CLEARLY have to let these four stick around. Oregon could throw a wrench in that, I guess, but you can't put them in over a 1 loss Clemson (without their QB) when the Pac 12 waited around that long and just played each other. Oh, and I've seen some chirping on Twitter from the Cincinnati crowd saying how they deserve a shot. Lol, shut up Cincinnati. You'll speak when spoken to. You haven't earned the right to talk with the big dogs yet. 

There's some other ridiculous teams floating around these rankings, too. BYU at 8? Get outta here. INDIANA AT 10????? I just hope Ohio State gets the same amount of respect for beating the brakes off the #10 team in the country next week as Georgia does for losing games in the SEC.

Listen, all I'm saying is that with the wonky covid situation and everything, there's some wild things going on in these rankings. We've got Cincinnati, BYU, and Indiana in the Top 10. And we've got Coastal Carolina, SMU, Liberty, Louisiana and Marshall in the Top 25. Let's not get too cute with worrying about who's played games and who's quarantined or whatever. The coronavirus thing has ruined enough in this country. Give the people what they want. An Alabama, Notre Dame, Ohio State, and Trevor Lawrence led Clemson team in the playoff. STOP THE COUNT!!